Atanas Atanasov is one of those painters who leave happy memories in their teachers not only with their talent and artistic outlook to every assignement in the academic studio, but also with the ambitious and unique style they have developed-a style based on refined sensitivity and creative perception and interpretation of ancient Bulgarian icon-painting tradition. Atanas Atanasov is an accomplished artist whose inner poetics penetrates deeply into the very soul of nature and by revealing its strength and splendour creates a spiritual domain.At a time when temptations have almost replaced true ordeals, Atanas Atanasov has succeeded in preserving and developing the virtues of an absorbing and beautiful style of painting born through experience that combines in a natural way the genuine tradition with the truth in the artist's heart. And it is the truth that stands above the subject, above the definite and carefully mastered form, above rhythm and composition, above the world of real fiction- the truth is in that intangible mystery of plastic substance which transforms physical space into a boundless realm of spirit.
Prof.Svetlin Roussev

1964 Born in Bourgas
In 1991 AtanasAtanassov graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia in the painting course of professor Svetlin Russev. He is a member of the Unionof Bulgarian Artists from 1997. He is working in the sphere of the art of painting, the mural painting and the illustration.

Individual Exhibitions
“Art-36” Gallery – Sofia; “Arena” Gallery – Sofia; “Trakia” Gallery – Plovdiv; “Bulart” Gallery – Varna; Boiana Church Museum; “Nessi” Gallery – Bourgas; “Trak – Art” Gallery – Plovdiv; “Apolonia” – Sozopol; National Autumn Exhibitions – Plovdiv; Sofia Press Gallery; Prolet Gallery, Bourgas; City Gallery of Pazardzik;

Collective Exhibitions